Cantilever K-Pod with 20 mtr Winch and SS316 Floor Mounting Bracket for K-POD - PN 900 + PN 801(20) + PN 900(01) - KARAM
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Fall arrest post

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KWD 1,156.150

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Brand: KARAM


KARAM Cantilever K-Pod

  • KARAM offers K-Pod which provides a safe and sure system for easy access to confined spaces. The K-Pod is an ideal choice to provide overhead anchorage which can be mounted on different bases and it conforms to EN 795 : 2012 Type A

  • The K-Pod is made of highly corrosion resistant stainless steel, and can swivel a complete 360 degrees on its mounted base, hence providing a versatile reach and access.

  • The unique feature is that the height of the Cantilever arm of the K-Pod is adjustable at 3 defined points, with upper height adjustment of 2.3m, middle arm adjustment of 1.9m, and lowered arm adjustment at 1.5m. This enables the use of the K-Pod even in those areas where the roof height is small.

  • The K-Pod can be easily mounted on the floor as well as on the wall through special floor and wall mounting brackets which are made available as per need. The K-Pod can also be mounted on the floor of heavy vehicles, hence making it extremely versatile in use.

  • KARAM Winch PN 801, PN 801(40), PN 817 & PN 818 can be easily mounted on to the K-Pod with the help of stainless steel fasteners.

  • Retrieval Fall Arrester Block Ref. PCGS 30R, PCGS 20R & PCGS 10R can also be installed for easy retrieval & arresting the fall of the user using the specialized universal mounting bracket; Ref.PN 900(06), PN 900(11).